Affiliate Program

Videoed bids. Instant contracts. Escrowed payments.

Faster Bids

Contractors, homeowners, landowners, and even governments can benefit from a more streamlined bid process. The proper use of video allows for more efficiency.

A picture says a thousand words. Narrated video conveys volumes.

The more descriptive you can be in your video, the more efficient the bid process will be.
legally simple

Smoother Contracts

Once you have found a match within our network of skilled providers,
and accept a bid, a guiding legal agreement is instantly created.

Save Time & Money

With a virtual first interaction, much trust can be gained and much time can be saved. Don't waste time setting up multiple meetings, a clear project description will be sent to the interested trades while your money stays safe until completion.
for both sides of the transaction

Everyone gains from efficiency

Knowledge is power. We empower.
Know that the project funds are safe and ready to be released as soon as the project is complete.
AS A Contractor

Be sure the funds have
cleared before starting

Your work is valuable. Your time is valuable. No more waiting for a meeting and a check to get cut. Once the project is done, submit video proof, and your money will be sent to your bank account.

Protect your home.
Protect your time.

If you are looking for multiple bids, a video description of your project can be easily shared with a link to multiple vendors while respecting their time as well. Pay with trust knowing that your funds are secure, waiting to be released upon proof of project or milestone completion.