Need something built?

Make your building process more efficient and prevent fraudsters.
A Better System

Cleared and Held Funds

Each project is set up for success from the very beginning. With clrblt, everyone stays on the same page about scope and time is not wasted in miscommunication about money.

The more detail you can provide the better.

Easily describe your project needs with a video and, if you choose, get proposals sent over to you as efficiently as possible while only sharing your zip code.
legally simple

Swift Contracts

Once you have found a match within our network of skilled providers,
and accept a bid, a guiding legal agreement is instantly created.

Save Time & Money

With a virtual first interaction, much trust can be gained and much time can be saved. Don't waste time setting up multiple meetings, a clear project description will be sent to the interested trades while your money stays safe until completion.
Better for both sides

Owner and Contractor gain from efficiency

Some say knowledge is power. We empower both sides.
Know that the project funds are safe and ready to be released as soon as the project is complete and at no cost.

Know the funds have
cleared before starting

Plan for success when you know that the funds will be there when you are done. Once the project is done, submit video proof, and your money is on the way.

Protect your home.
Protect your money.

Pay with trust knowing that your funds are held and secure, waiting to be released upon proof of project or milestone completion.
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